We to the world of Hotel Meridian Shimla a world that epitomozea comfort, opulence and unstinting luxury. Hotel Meridian is situated among unspoiled natural beauty of lush green forests & snow lapped mountains. It is destination providing non stop frolic and gaiety with amusement, unlimited fun and enjoyment for your family away from hustle ~ bustle and pollution of the city.

Hotel Meridian shimla is ideally located to maximize your drive in convenience and provide you easy access to most of Shimla’s celebrated walks, views and architectural heritage .Being among the magnificent architecture of British era creates grand style of colonial legacy and Overlooking the pretty Annandale meadow in addition to majestic view of Himalayan, Shivalik and Nilgiri mountain ranges provides unmatchable experience of rejuvenation and relaxation.

Hotel Meridian Shimla is an exquisite integration of luxury, technology, comfort, tranquility and nature’s sublime design.

Is nestled into a mountainside that magically balances a setting of natural beauty with spectacular landscapes. Acclaimed as a four season luxury Hotel Meridian Shimla that offers a style and service unmatched in the region.

In the heart of the city, cradled amidst Deodar trees, Hotel Meridian Shimla is the ultimate choice in Shimla. Soak your soul and mind in the ecstasy of celestial blessing of nature and rejuvenate your body and mind. Created to make your stay comfortable.